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MARINE & Offshore

Siam Marine Co., Ltd. was founded by Captain Krit Seetongon, who has substantial experience in the maritime field. With his marine background as a Marine Advisor for a Major Oil Company in collaboration with the top lifting manufacturer, import and export. There is a team with expertise and facilities in Thailand, focusing on providing services to Maritime Oil & Gas Industry customers.

We broadly deliver services across the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman. We are located in Bangkok and Songkhla.

SM About Us

At Siam Marine, We can supply large diameter wire rope, and with work currently underway to increase our supply range of diameter wire rope at lengths exceeding 3,000 meters. In addition, with our expertise in the Marine Oil & Gas field, Our team can provide consultancy to meet our customer’s requirements and seamlessly work together with them in any marine and mooring projects.

Siam Marine supplies specialized Wire Ropes for various applications. We can source ropes from a number of the group manufacturing facilities to meet the client’s requirements globally.

Our team provides services closely with our clients and the manufacturing units to ensure the client has the right product for the correct application.

Siam Marine provides a complete turnkey product & solution, including wire rope installation, removal of existing wire ropes, spooling /pre-tensioning, and testing/ inspection services through the wire rope’s life.

Wire Rope Spooling Services

Siam Marine provides up to 20 Tons of capacity spooling machines and supplies clients with skilled technicians and engineers to operate spooling equipment in any location. We also provide full technical and logistical support throughout the planning, operation, and after-sales assistance. Our work is carried out to the highest standards of health and safety.

Scope Of Services

Spooling Out Wire Rope
Spooling Out Wire Rope
Spooling In Wire Rope
Spooling In Wire Rope
Spooling End to End
Spooling End to End
Wirerope Lubricant
Wirerope Lubricant
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Spooling Out Wire Rope
Wire Rope Spooling Out form AHTS drum
Spooling In Wire Rope
Spooling in Wire Rope From Our Spooling Machine drum
Spooling End to End
Spooling Wire Rope End to End
Wirerope Lubricant
Wire Rope Lubricant
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Spooling Machine Specification

Our spooling machine is modular, compact, and available for onshore/offshore transportation.
Dimension (WxLxH) 2.3 m x 6 m x 2.2 m
Control System Hydraulic (80 - 100 Liter/min)
Speed 10 - 15 rpm.
Power System 380 - 415 V 3 phase
Max. Capacity 20 Ton
Weight 4.30 Ton


SOCKETING & Training

At Siam Marine, we can offer:

  • Flemish Splice Terminations
  • Ferrule Secured Terminations
  • Wire Rope Socketing


At Siam Marine Supply & Services, We provide Onshore/Offshore field service technicians qualified to conduct and pour wire rope sockets to travel to client locations. We also provide training facilities to enable client personnel to carry out their socketing operations safely and professionally.

Our socketing team at Siam Marine is trained by the leading global socketing compound manufacturer. As a result, we ensure the best socketing solution for safety, dependability, and unparalleled fatigue performance.

004 copy 2 scaled
004 copy 2 scaled
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We apply to seize wire at the base of the socket, properly broom wire rope end, clean wires thoroughly in a solvent, and make sure that the wires are clean from the very bottom of the broom up to the seizing band.

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Pull the socket up over the rope broom. Make sure the rope wires are uniformly spaced in the socket bowl, with the wire ends slightly below the top edge of the bowl and the axis of the rope and the socket are aligned.

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We mix the resin and fill it to the top edge of the socket bowl. As the resin mixture penetrates down into the bowl, it may be required to add more resin to the socket bowl.

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P1030442 e1656262971921
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After the resin has cured, We re-lubricate the wire rope to replace any lubricant that may have been removed during the cleaning process.

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We can mobilize our teams of personnel and equipment around the globe at short notice to re-socket work.

  • Crane Ropes
  • A&R Wires
  • Winch Wires
  • Mooring and Anchor Lines
  • Tow and Work Wires

Horizontal Tension
Testing Service

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Siam Marine

Horizontal Tension Testing Service

Siam Marine provide a computerized Horizontal Tensile Test Bed for tension test of long materials, like steel wire rope, cable, nylon rope, chain, etc.

It adopts a hydraulic cylinder to load, a high precision load cell to measure testing force, a photoelectric encoder to measure displacement, computer control, proof load, and break load test. In addition, our horizontal testing machine can make testing space and piston stroke according to the customer’s requirement.

Scope Of Works

– 300 Tonnes Horizontal Tension Testing Bench X 30 m.
– Testing (Proof/Breaking)
– Proof load test and visual inspection witness by the third party

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Yokohama Fender
REPAIR Service

Fender Black

The Yokohama rubber fender is the most common device for ship-to-ship, ship-to-quay, and ship-to-berth operations. This device is provided in a wide range of models. It is the most versatile because it can be used in every commercial hub, Offshore and Maritime industry. It can support very high stress, and to prevent cuts, a chain with tires is set as protection, but sometimes it is not enough.

Yokohama fender repair Service

We Provide Best in class Yokohama rubber fender repair work.

At Siam Marine, We pride ourselves on bringing the benefit of significant marine and operational expertise to our customers. Our team can provide best-in-class marine fendering solutions to our clients. We developed unique processes to repair rubber fenders accordingly if the fender shows a hole or a cut. We provide complete repair of the Yokohama fender and bring it to its original specs. We provide transportation and restoration fender repair done as fast as possible.

Scope of Work

– DIM : 3.0 MTR x 6.0 MTR
– Galvanized Chain Size 19 mm x 150 Mtr
– Galvanized Shackle Screw pin Size 3/4″” (19 mm) WLL : 3.25 Ton
– Galvanized Shackle Screw pin Size 7/8″” (22 mm) WLL : 6.50 Ton
– Aircraft Tire, 40” OD with holes
– Aircraft Tire, 30” OD with holes
– Rubber Sleeve Size ø125
– Hydro Pressure Test , Inspection Services by NDT
– Witness Hydro Test by DNV-GL
LOGO siammarine

We provide complete repair of the Yokohama fender and bring it to its original specs.

Siam Marine


Siam Marine Supply & Services also provide support work in the part of fabrication for marine-related equipment and turnkey solution for maritime projects under the supervision of experienced engineers certified according to standards with an integrated turnkey general contracting single point of contact.

Mooring Buoy Fabrication
Mooring Buoy Fabrication
Wire Clamp <br>Fabrication
Wire Clamp
Spreader Beam <br>Fabrication
Spreader Beam
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Mooring Buoy Fabrication
Our Fabrication Work
Mooring Buoy
Scope of Work
  1. DIM : 2.30 M x 2.30 M (DIAxL) , Weight Approximately 2.2 TON
  2. Material Steel Cylindrical Surface buoy with Straight shape end dish, Foam filled (PU)
  3. Supply Material SS400 Grade c/w Mill Certificate
  4. Sandblasting and Painting Coverall (3 Layer)
  5. Proof load test 20 MT. by Third-party c/w Certificate
  6. MPI 100%
20140529 142704 scaled
image 2
image 5 e1656058450538
Wire Clamp Fabrication
Our Fabrication Work
Wire Clamp
Scope of Work
  1. DIM : 10" x 15" x 13" (WxLxH)
  2. WLL : 5.0 MT.
  3. Materials SS400 grade c/w mill certificate
  4. Steel hex head bolt c/w mill Certificate
  5. Sandblasting and Painting (3 Layers)
  6. Proof load test and MPI test by third-party c/w Certificate
  7. MPI 100%"
wireclamp fabrication 1 1
image 1
Spreader Beam Fabrication
Our Fabrication Work
Spreader Beam
Scope of Work
  1. MGW: 50.00 MT.
  2. Dimension : 300 x 6000 x 440 mm. (W x L x H)
  3. WLL : 50 MT.
  4. Proof load test : 62.50 MT.
  5. Materials
  6. WF 400x200x8x13 mm.
  7. PL 12mm THK.
  8. Pad eyes for shackle 1-3/4"" WLL : 25 MT
  9. Pad eyes for shackle 1-1/2"" WLL : 17 MT
  10. Excluded Proof load test third party and Visual and MPI inpection
spreader beam fabrication 2 1
S 2695210
spreader beam fabrication 1 1
spreader beam fabrication 3 1
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Sling on-site installation

We stock a large inventory of high performance wire ropes available for immediate delivery for structure or bridge applications. We stock our various high performance ropes at our many locations in sizes from 1/4” to 3” diameter and 9 mm to 52 mm diameter.

Gas for rent and full refill

Supply to offshore and onshore

– Gas Cylinder Oxygen
– Gas Cylinder Acetylene
– Gas Cylinder Nitrogen
– Gas cylinders test Certificate
– Cylinder valve has been seal properly
– Cylinder delivery with protecting cap
– Cylinder painted with serial number clearly

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Siam Marine Supply and Services Company Limited

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And, that’s why all of our products are carefully selected from top-class manufacturers around the world. We hold on to integrity and promise to deliver the best services responding to clients’ needs and expectations.