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    KS Seaport, a provider of full marine logistics and services, responds to the growing demand for products and services transported by sea by planning to expand their fleet, aiming to be the leader of ASEAN’s marine services and logistics.

    Mr.Krit Seetong-on, CEO of KS Seaport Co., Ltd and Seamoor Marine and Engineering Co., Ltd., disclosed that our 5-year vision and business development plan is to level up the business to be able to support full services for product transportation, including the marine logistics. The company plans to own oil tankers, especially middle-size tankers, in response to the demand from the petroleum manufacturing industry.

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    On September 10, 2022, the company acquired a new 1300 MT tanker ‘M.T. THAPANEE 9’, which is the second tanker after ARISTA 2. The new one is a key part to raise the business potential and allow more effective cost management which brings more competitive advantages to the company. Moreover, this is part of the plan for the company’s sustainable growth.

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    Mr.Krisanachai Yindeeyom, the Managing Director of KS Seaport Co., Ltd and Seamoor Marine and Engineering Co., Ltd., said that during 2 years of Covid-19, the company had a good turnover with more clients request for services despite the present economic downturn.

    “The demand for sea freight is increasing. The Covid-19 situation stimulates the market to grow so fast. We need to invest more by buying a tanker to support clients’ needs. But not just that, the tanker strengthens our overall facilities for marine logistics which will further support our long-term growth.”

    KS Seaport Co., Ltd and Seamoor Marine and Engineering Co., Ltd. were started by a merchant fleet captain who has over 15 years of experience and a team of marine logistics and offshore business specialists. Offering a full range of marine services to clients, especially upstream petroleum manufacturing businesses, they develop their business in Songkhla. They provide support for the offshore survey and petroleum production in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, and marine logistics for downstream petroleum. Presently, their clients are based in Thailand and expand regionally in 10 ASEAN countries. For more information, visit https://seamoormarine.com

    For sustainable growth and success, the company set a goal to become a public company and register with the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

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